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Frithville Primary School


Our school was opened in 1880 as Frithville Board School, by the West Fen United District School Board, formed in 1879.

Later on it became a Council School in 1903, and was managed with the Medlam Council School (re-named Carrington Council School in May or June 1903) until June 1907 when separate Boards of Managers were appointed for each school.

It became known as Frithville County School in 1947 and the senior pupils were transferred to Stickney CE School from 24 August 1949.

The school was known as Frithville County Primary School prior to September 1999, since when the present name of Frithville Primary School has been used.

The main part of the school is still the original building and in places has many of the original features and over the years the school has undergone many transformations to accommodate the needs of our children and staff.

We now have three classroom, one of which we also use as a hall.

In 2015 we successfully bid for and received a grant to have a new all-weather playground, the first of its kind in the area. This has been of great benefit to the children throughout the day and across the curriculum.

We continue to maintain and modernise the interior and exterior of the school.